Sale of Farm Lands Belonging to Barrow Charities

Sale of Farm Lands Belonging to Barrow Charities 

(Extract From Leics Local Studies Office, Wigston.   DE475/102 )


Sale of Freehold Properties 365 acres 0 rods 25 perches on Thursday 24th March 1921

land owned by Joseph Clarke's Charity lots 1 and 3

Dr. Babington's Almshouse Charity lots 2 (part) and 12

Bishop Beveridge's Charity lots 2 (part) 8,9,10,13,14

lot 1 2 fields on Moor lane, lough bough and small allotment in the Big Meadow tenant Percy Moss
12.344 acres (coloured purple on map)

In the Parish of Barrow of Barrow on Soar

lot 2 Rectory Farm, Tenant Alfred lockwood 61.184 acres, dwelling house, 2 sets of farm buildings,
yards, stack yards, garden etc. fronting North Street

Rent £237.10s per annum for 161.156 acres comprised in lots 2,3A,5,6, and 11

Apportioned land Tax £1.0.lOd Timber valued £74

  • lot 34 arable fields on Catsick lane known as Foxhills 15.787 acres (blue) Tenant A. lockwood
  • lot 42 arable fields on Catsick Lane running down to the River Soar 10.870 acres (yellow)
  • lot 55 fields of arable and pasture between Catsick lane and Midland Railway 14.333 acres (brown)

Tenant A. lockwood

  • lot 6 Field of meadow land near Pillings lock (between river and railway, 3.666 acres (green)
  • Tenant A. Lockwood
  • lot 7 The Mill Meadow (south of gypsum milt field numbered 449) 6.619 acres

Tenant H. Sanders

  • lot 8 The Cricket Field and Meadow adjoining ,11.642 acres (brown)(fields numbered 395 & 451)

Tenants C.Goodacre and H. Sanders

  • lot 9 Smallholding of pasture and arable adjoin road from Barrow to Sileby, on banks of River Soar
    26.379 acres (green) Tenant Mr J. lockwood
  • lot 10 Two fields of meadowland adjoining lot 9 12.888 (yellow)

Tenant Representatives of late Mrs Kaye

  • lot 11 Two fields of meadowland on Slash lane (between Slash lane and Mountsorrellane) 18.805
    acres (blue)

 Tenant A. Lockwood

  • lot 12 Pawdy Farm (rt.h.s. bordering Gypsy Lane 160.402 (pink)
  • Tenant Mr W. Thornewell
  • lot 13 Allotment Gardens and cottages adjoining 6.306 acres (blue) (site of Hall Orchard, by school)

Tenants various, cottage let to Mrs Facer

  • lot 14 Allotment Gardens and Cottage adjoining 3.931 acres (brown) (field number 245, beside
    Melton Road, the Nook)

Tenants various, cottage let to J. Lockwood




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