Cardboard Box File

  • 789.5 The Bells and bell ringers of Barrow on Soar by Kevon Thompson supplement to B.on S. in photos Edition 5 pub. 8/00 
  • 914.254 History of B. on S. R.H. Bennett pub. Loughborough Echo Press 1938 
  • 373 HPHS charity 1857 
  • Bishop Beveridge M.G. Woodword 1966 
  • 362.583 House of Industry Roger Chapell 
  • 821 Orchard Days Hall Orchard Book of 1997 
  • 942.547 Barrow in the 20th Century 
  • L287 This is your church – history of Methodist Church Adrian Speight 1978 
  • Walks around B. on S. Discovering Charnwood number five 
  • 796.51 Footpaths from Barrow to Quorn and return Cliff Hill, Mud Alley, The Trap – Barry Wilford 
  • 914.254 Guided Walks around B. on S. 1. The Village Centre June 85 pub. WEA and C.A.
  • 942.547 B. on S. Official Guide942.548 B. on S. in Old Postcards written by Steve Joyce pub.David Dover Reprint 2/12/97
  • You are my grand children Olive McBride B/MACB pub. Reprint
  • 942.547 Bygone Barrow on Soar Barry and John Wilford pub. 1995

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