Hall Orchard (MLE 480)

  • ID (Preferred Ref.): MLE480
  • Name: Hall Orchard
  • Map Sheet: SK51NE
  • Grid Reference: Centroid SK 577 175 (MBR: 24m by 27m)
  • Summary: An undated burial (human remains) were found at the side of the field where the manorial complex (MLE475) was - towards the churchyard.

Location - Administrative Areas

  • Civil Parish: Barrow-upon-Soar, Charnwood, Leicestershire
  • County: Leicestershire
  • District: Charnwood, Leicestershire

Monument/Component Types

  • BURIAL (Unknown date)

Find Types



  • Type/Grade: Conservation Area 
  • Reference/Title: Barrow upon Soar

Other Statuses and References

  • Type/Grade: Old SMR Ref 
  • Reference/Title: 51NE AP

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