Medieval lime kilns at Strancliffe Lane (MLE 15821)

  • ID (Preferred Ref.): MLE15821
  • Name: Medieval limekilns at Strancliffe Lane
  • Map Sheet: SK51NE
  • Grid Reference: Centroid SK 576 181 (MBR: 138m by 162m)
  • Summary: The remains of medieval 'sod kilns' (limekilns) were recorded during evaluation in 2005. Excavation in 2006 recorded 14 'linear' kilns that had been in use until 1475-1600. These were 5-6m long and had rougly oval working areas with 3-4m diameters at one end.
  • Description: These 'clamp' kilns had been dug up to 300mm into the subsoil but no substantial traces of any above ground structure survived. At the closed end of each linear kiln the halo of scorched earth was wider and deeper than along the sides of the kiln, indicating greater heat. At the opposite end there appears to have been an opening to act as a firing or draw hole for the kiln. The linear kilns had evidence for attached working areas, one of which had a posthole indicating there may have been a lightweight shelter over the area to protect the quicklime. They had last firing dates of c.1475, c.1490, 1515-1535, c.1540 and 1570-1600. Lime from Barrow was used to construct Kirby Muxloe Castle in the C15th.


  • Number: 2
  • Reference: Unpublished document: Redvers-Higgins, N. 2005. Cotes Road, Barrow upon Soar: archaeological evaluation report. / Unpublished document: McAree, D. 2007. Archaeological excavation at Cotes Road, Barrow upon Soar.

Location - Administrative Areas

  • Civil Parish: Barrow-upon-Soar, Charnwood, Leicestershire

Monument/Component Types

  • LIME KILN (Medieval - 1067 AD? to 1539 AD?)
  • LIME KILN (Late Medieval to Early Post-medieval - 1450 AD to 1600 AD)

Associated Activities/Events

  • Event ID: ELE4327 / ELE5210 
  • Name/Ref: Cotes Road, Barrow upon Soar: archaeological evaluation report (Ref: 04/0999/2) / Archaeological excavation at Cotes Road, Barrow upon Soar
  • Organistion: Oxford Archaeology / Northamptonshire Archaeology

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