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Traffic Action Group - Section 106 Highway Summary

Traffic Action Group - Extract/Summary of Section 106 Highway Summary


1. £20,000 for dedicated cycle lane markings at the Bridge Street bridge. (4)

2. Six cycle lockers to be provided. By the 50th occupation. (6) Where???

3. “On demand transport service” (taxi or minibus) from the new development to village centre. To be provided by County Council. (6)

4. £42,000 (to County Council as one off payment) towards new or upgrading existing bus stops on existing routes within the village. (7)

5. “Public transport contribution” of £315,000 to County Council for the provision of the On Demand Transport Service and a subsidised bus service and Travel Pass from the first occupation of the first dwelling. (£35K initially followed by 4 x £70K on anniversary of 1st occupancy). (8)

6. “Subsidised Bus Service” this bus service is to be provided by the developers as above; from the development to Loughborough. (8)

7. “Travel Pass” for each dwelling on the new development travel free of charge for three months from the first occupation of each individual dwelling (to Loughborough only). No more than two issued to the adult occupiers at any one time. (9)

8. “Welcome Pack” each house gets details of above travel details and timetables/taxi contacts etc. (9)

Highway obligations

1. No occupations of any dwelling until the Barrow Road/A60 improvements have been completed in accordance with Section 278 Agreement.

2. No more than 150 dwellings to have first occupancy until traffic calming scheme (covered by S278 Agreement) on Cotes Road and Nottingham Road has been implemented.

3. If County Council don’t serve the Bridge Street cycle lane contribution notice on the owners within two years of the first occupancy of the first dwelling, the obligation will be null and void. (19). If money is taken but not used it must be repaid, it can only be used for bridge improvement works.

4. “Off site bus shelters/upgrade contribution”:- same point as 3, County Council must serve within two years.

5. 150 houses occupied maximum before Distributor Road is open for public use, or 3 years, whichever sooner.

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