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Parish Plan Section B1 - Heritage

B.1 Heritage

16. Barrow’s heritage – interpreted in its widest sense to include ‘environment’ - is highly valued and received some of the highest ‘scores’ of all in the survey. It matters to residents that they are surrounded by pleasant countryside, that they have access to parks and open spaces, and that it is an attractive village. For example:

• 93% rate as ‘very good’ or ‘fairly good’ Barrow’s “nearness to the countryside” (B.1)
• 89% “want to protect the green spaces in and around the village” (I.1) 
• 85% think it an attractive village (B.1)
• 73% want to conserve its buildings (I.1)

17. As to improvements, they want it made even more attractive by such things as:

• 75% think that “All the traffic islands should be planted out and maintained as nicely as Jerusalem roundabout” (F.1)
• 67% want more flower baskets and the like (E.1)
• 63% want to develop a continuous park from Cotes Rd round to the Millennium Park in Fishpool Way when the new Willow Way estate is built (C.14)

18. Many want more tourists to come to Barrow (45%, I.1) and, to that end:

• 58% want car parking for visitors by the canal/river (I.1)
• 57% want more wildlife guides and 56% want more heritage guides (I.1)
• 56% want an A-Z street guide on display and as a leaflet (I.1)
• 42% want the Soar Valley made into a proper ‘countryside park’ (I.1)

19. The river valley, in particular, is seen as a special asset which we ought to be making the most of.

20. Against this background of positive comment, two issues stand out as negative and needing attention: the untidiness of the area around the Soar Bridge/Barrow Deep Lock/Proctors; and the depressing amounts of litter and dog fouling to be found in some places

• 72% say improve the Soar Bridge area (F.2) and 65% say clean up Proctors (I.2)
• 68% want cleaner streets (B.1), 33% complain of dog mess (D.4), 67% want more litter bins and 55% want more frequent street cleaning (F.2)

21. Other specifics could be mentioned. The general point is that people are saying that this is an attractive place to live and they want it kept that way. They want their heritage protected and enhanced. (Many of the spontaneous comments documented at question F.1 in the data files are about resisting further expansion of Barrow in order to preserve its character.)


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