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Traffic Action Group - Meeting 15th May 2007


Barrow upon Soar Traffic Action Group

Meeting to be held on Tuesday 15th May 2007 at 7.30 p.m. at the Bishop Beveridge club on South Street


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of previous meeting – 17 April 2007

3. Matters arising from minutes

4. Funds

5. Advertising the Group

6. Map and Top Ten Issues

7. A.O.B.

8. Next meeting – 19 June 2007

Minutes / Notes

Matters Arising from meeting held on 15th May 2007

1. Bollards Melton Road
Recommendation is to contact Tony Kershaw to facilitate proactive consultation with LCC rather than waiting for their proposals. Wendy to contact Tony

2. Illegal parking
Wendy to ask Nigel when month of zero tolerance is starting.

3. New Street and Cave Road
Now that warning letters have been issued. Can Nigel start issuing enforcement notices

4. Borough Council
Hilary Fryer, one of our local councillors, is now on the Borough Council Exec.
Wendy to contact Hilary to ask her to attend our meeting asap so that we can get our traffic issues on her agenda

5. New Street/Melton Road Parking
It appears that some of the parking problems are caused by a few residents running businesses from their houses. This requires planning permission.
Wendy to contact the Borough Planning department and ask if any residents on Melton Road have applied for planning permission to run their businesses from home.

6. Hall Orchard Playground
Suggestion was made that the playground at Hall Orchard could be rented as parking to New Street residents in the evenings and weekends. No action required. Just recorded.

7. Parking Permit Scheme
Suggestion was made that in areas or extreme lack of parking that a parking permit scheme considered. No action required. Just recorded.

8. Funds - Meeting Venue
The group has adequate funds at the moment and the recommendation from the Chairman was that we do not seek additional funds until we have an action plan to promote. Chairman to investigate free use of Baptist Church to save £12 hire of Bishop Beveridge Hall.

9. Communication Plan
Once we have an agreed action plan it is recognised that we need to engage local groups with a vested interest to gain their support and align our separate plans. Schools in particular need a traffic policy by 2010.

10. Chairman to facilitate discussion on relevant groups at next meeting.

11. Leicestershire County Council
We are confident that we now have a comprehensive traffic plan for the village. It is imperative that we have the buy-in of LCC Highways at the earliest stage.
Wendy to ask Tony Kershaw to request the presence of the relevant LCC Highways representative as soon as possible.

Summary of top Issues

1. Congestion – Bridge Street/High Street/South Street

2. Speeding on main village arteries – Cotes Road/Nottingham Road/Melton Road/Sileby Road

3. Illegal Parking – High Street/Church Street/New Street/Melton Road/Beveridge Street/Ribble Drive(Naviagtion Pub)

4. Dangerous Junctions – Grove Lane/South Street, North Street/Church Street

5. Inadequate Pedestrian Crossings – North Street (Library), South Street (Bishop Beveridge), Bridge Street (Footpath)

6. Poor Signage – Health Centre on Sileby Road, Grove Lane exit, Car Parks

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