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Traffic Action Group - Meeting 21st November 2006


Barrow upon Soar Traffic Action Group

Meeting to be held on Tuesday 21 November 2006 at 7.30 p.m. at the Bishop Beveridge club on South Street


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of previous meeting – 17 October 2006

3. Matters arising from minutes

4. Community Speed Watch

5. Map and Top Ten Issues

6. Funds

7. Advertising the Group

8. A.O.B.

9. Next meeting



Meeting Tuesday 21st November 2006
Bishop Beveridge Club - 7.30 p.m.


C. Gilchrist D. Yates D. Smith
M. White (Chair) S. Hobbs I. Knowles
W. Woodhouse (minutes) C.Shepherd J. Hardy 
R. Woodhouse T. Kershaw

Mark opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.

1. Apologies:

V. Brown B. Henman K. Pepper
R. Moorhouse J. Tindle

2. Minutes of the previous meeting:

The minutes for the meeting held on 17 October 2006 were agreed.

3. Matters arising from minutes:

• Tony Kershaw agreed to try to obtain figures from the mobile speed cameras on Sileby Road – Tony had tried to get this information but had been told that it is no longer in the public domain and the Data Protection Act may refer. This information should be available under the Freedom of Information Act because we are asking for numerical details and not information about individuals. Tony has asked for the information at a higher level and is awaiting a response.

• Mike Wilson agreed to ascertain what the legislation was regarding warning signs for speed limits on approach roads to villages – Still outstanding.

• Tony Kershaw had agreed to investigate the possibility of raised kerbs at bus stops – A survey on the number 2 bus route is currently taking place, Wendy to ask Tony when the study is taking place and who is responsible for it – Tony explained that the study has been completed so we are unable to have any input. The good news is that Tony has details of the work that has been agreed, 14 stops in Barrow upon Soar will have raised kerbs at a cost of £35,000 from the 106 allocation. This will increase if there are unknown problems, e.g. BT cabling. Tony explained that the County Council claim the money from the Developer. There is no start date yet but work is expected to start sooner rather than later. 4 stops will also have new shelters. Details are as follows:- (B/S = Shelter)

Stop number Location
B/S 6322 Outside 5 High Street
6327 Outside Alliance and Leicester, High Street
6315 Opposite 21 Sileby Road
6319 Outside 220 Sileby Road
6318 Between 231 and Industrial Unit, Sileby Road
6317 Outside 173 Sileby Road
6305 Outside 84 Melton Road
6306 Outside Pet Shop, Babington Road
6307 Opposite 30 Babington Road
6304 Outside 30 Babington Road
6308 Outside 1/3 Babington Road
B/S 6303 Opposite 5 Babington Road
B/S 6302 Outside Methodist Church, North Street
B/S 6301 Opposite Gray’s Court, North Street

• Brian to ask the Parish Council to consider recommending the bollards on South Street/Melton road removal, a no right turn sign into Melton Road and traffic redirected to the island – still outstanding.

• Business plan – still outstanding.

• We still need to appoint a co-ordinator and deputy co-ordinator for the Speedwatch scheme – on agenda at item 4.

• Wendy to find out who to write to about the continuation of the by-pass – awaiting response from Parish Council. There was some discussion, it was agreed this is a long term aim and we need to alert the appropriate body that this will become more of an issue as time passes and the number of car users in the village increases.

• Wendy to find out what is the protocol for taking issues forward – awaiting response from Parish Council.

• Wendy to ask the Parish Council to write to both the Borough Council and the Highways Department as soon as it is known the first occupancy on the new development has occurred - Done.

• Wendy to inform the Parish Council that the group is aware they will be sent a report about proposed traffic calming on Cotes Road and Nottingham Road, and that the group wishes to be involved in the consultation process - Done.

• Wendy to ask Nigel for a definition of illegal parking and whether the group can influence the time and place for the future exercise – Still outstanding.

• Wendy to ascertain details about all traffic accidents in the village in the last 5 years – Awaiting response from Parish Council.

• Wendy to try to find details about a petition which took place several years ago, in the round house, about traffic lights at the junction of Grove Lane and Sileby Road – Awaiting response from Parish Council.

• Funding –this is on the agenda at item 6.

• Wendy to ask the Parish Council if we can have a copy of the minutes of the Parish Council meeting on – Awaiting response from Parish Council.

• Wendy to find out whether the village has a local transport plan and whether a community Street audit had been done – Still outstanding.

4. Community Speedwatch:

Mark has spoken to Mike, the village is still part of the pilot, it was agreed that the project would be taken forward early in 2007. Mike will supply leaflets/posters etc. to advertise the scheme at the appropriate time.

Debbie Smith and Roger Woodhouse volunteered to act as co-ordinator and deputy co-ordinator. They will discuss what action needs to be taken and will contact Mike in the new year.

5. Map and Top Ten Issues:

We are still unable to take this forward until we have a suitable map. Everyone will try to come up with a source. Some issues were discussed, the curators of the Bishop Beveridge club have asked Mark if we would ask for a pedestrian crossing outside the building, the elderly, infirm and children find it increasingly difficult to cross. It was agreed this would be added to the list.

We also discussed the problem of parking on the high Street and whether parking bays would help, this would cause a problem with the crossing. There are some crossover issues with other groups, particularly the business forum. Mark is also a member of this group, he will try to get someone along to one of our meetings.

We also discussed the issue of drivers and the use of mobile phones. While this is not an issue for the group it was felt we should raise awareness. Wendy will write to the Community Support Officer and the Parish Council.

6. Funds:

We have not yet opened a bank account – Still outstanding, as Jane not present Wendy will contact her for an up date.

7. Advertising the Group:

Numbers are falling so it was felt that we should try to advertise/promote the group to try and get some fresh impetus in the new year. Sue Hobbs agreed to take over publicity for the group, we discussed various methods – Neighbourhood Watch leaflet which is delivered to every household in the village, Barrow Voice, Loughborough Echo, Trader, Church magazine and Parish Magazine.

Mark has been informed that there will be an open forum for all the groups formed following the Parish Plan sometime next year. This will be an opportunity to promote the group and discuss overlapping issues with other groups. It will also be open to villagers. Mark will try to obtain further information.

8. AOB:

The flooding of Slash Lane was discussed, this was raised by a large number of residents who completed the Parish Plan questionnaire but does not seem to have been picked up anywhere. The feedback on the Parish Plan is that this is long term, little can be done and the Parish Council is not involved, but the group feels that is not satisfactory as so many people in the village found it an issue. Wendy will write to the Parish Council to see if anything can be done and to check whether the Traffic Action Group is the appropriate forum.

9. Date and place of next meeting:

The next meeting will be at the Bishop Beveridge club on Tuesday 16 January 2007 at 7.30 p.m.

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