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Parish Plan Action Plan - Monitoring and Facilitating Progress

Monitoring and facilitating progress with the Parish Plan

Main target

Enabling targets


Key stakeholders

Recommended actions and comments

24. Plan, monitor, control and motivate follow-ups to this Parish Plan.

24.1 Encourage and enable the creation of ‘action groups’ to bring about the improvements recommended in this Parish Plan.

24.2 Help these groups to obtain the resources needed to operate.

24.3 Devise a short questionnaire, to be sent to a sample of residents every 3 years, to assess progress with the Parish Plan.

24.4 Create a ‘Parish Plan Open Forum’, meeting every 6 months initially, for representatives from village organisations to monitor and enable actions taken in furtherance of the Parish Plan.

24.5 Re-evaluate the Parish Plan annually and undertake new community-wide consultations at 5 yearly intervals.

Start now


Medium term

Start now


• Parish Plan Steering Group 
• Parish Council
• Community Association
• Action Groups
• Leics. County Council Environmental and Heritage Watch Service
• Leics County Council 
• Rural Community

• Charnwood CVS

The Parish Council and the Community Association have agreed to expand their activities to oversee and co-ordinate the Action Groups.

It is highly desirable that all the follow up actions are integrated – hence we suggest the creation of a Parish Plan Open Forum - but that meeting should not have executive power.

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